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Breaktime! Your future worship leader

I’ve started a new series here at the blog called Breaktime!  Check back each day at noon Eastern for something new each day that is a little less serious.  And comeback often when you need a little break.

I’m not sure what I think about today’s “Breaktime!”  It’s awful cute.  She’s awful young.  But what is really going on here?  I’m not sure!

Check out yesterday’s Breaktime! here… I think you’ll enjoy it!

Know something I should include on a future Breaktime!?  Send it to me here…


2 Responses to “ “Breaktime! Your future worship leader”

  1. Chad W says:

    How awesome is that!?! This little one is mimicking what she sees her parents and others doing as they worship. How we worship has an effect on those around us. It can be a positive or negative influence. It shows our attitude toward God, whether that be good or bad. This girl is seeing a positive attitude toward God from her parents. That is wonderful.

  2. Phillip says:

    I agree with Chad.
    It’s no surprise to see a son want to ‘shave’ like dad, or a daughter to cook with dad or… (any number of activities they see and want to be ‘like’ parents).

    There is obvious importance in helping them learn the why and how behind such actions over the long haul. But to see a child mimic parents in any number of areas is natural. To see it in opening a Bible, praying, or worshiping is simply a step in the life of discipling them.


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