Your church and toilet paper

I have this theory. The nicer the toilet paper, the better the church. It works for hotels. Ever use the bathroom in a Motel 6?  It’s a different experience than in a Ritz Carlton. Which brings me to the subject of church bathrooms. Is it possible that church bathrooms tell more about the church than we think? Yeah, I think so… sometimes. I know of one church that decks out their ladies room, and they swear that it has made a difference.  (It’s a sure fire way to win the ladies over). I’ve been in other church bathrooms that are like using the bathroom at the BP station. Is there a correlation? The short answer: yes. If your church bathroom looks like 1973 (and smells like a 12 day old rain forest), then I will guarantee that other things in your church are amiss. Take a moment now.  Go visit your church’s bathroom. What does it say about your church? Todd