You Know Equipping is Important. Why Aren’t You Doing It?

Let’s cut to the chase… we all know that a big part of our jobs on a church staff is equipping… preparing people to do actual ministry; to grow stronger in their commitment to Christ, and in the leadership abilities in the church. But many churches; and many leaders to a poor job at this. Eric Geiger suggests three reasons as to why this happens. Before you read the reasons… ask yourself how you’re doing in the area of equipping.  If you would say it’s not one of your strong points… read on to see if one of the reasons for your inadequacy in this area is one of these three factors Eric provides… Geiger says that some pastors are like a church sound guy that doesn’t want anyone else messing with the sound board.  (I think every church has at least one of these!) Eric says “the sound-guy has built the sound-system around himself, for himself…. in the same way, some pastors build ministry around themselves for themselves.  And here are the reasons: REASON #1 – Job Security “Just as the sound-guy designed a system where he is necessary, some pastors are hesitant to develop others for ministry because they fear they will become unnecessary to the church. They reason, “If others can do the tasks people think I am paid to do, then what will happen to me?” While the desire of a pastor to provide for his family is understandable and commendable, a kingdom-minded pastor loves the idea of “working himself out of a job.”” REASON #2 – Insecurity Just as the sound-guy builds a system that necessitates him, some pastors need to be needed. They love to hear statements like “I can’t image anyone but you praying for me at the hospital” or “We do not know where our church would be without you.” Ministry can stroke the ego of an insecure leader who purposefully neglects preparing people for ministry because he needs the affirmations. It takes a secure leader to prepare others for ministry, a leader who realizes he/she is already approved by the Lord, already accepted by Him. Reason #3 – Idolatry Releasing ministry to others is impossible for the leader who holds tightly to ministry as his or her reason for being. Ministry can be an attractive idol because it is rarely called out as sinful. It is an idol that others applaud you for. If ministry success is our god, we are likely to take the shortest path to greater and greater “victories,” but preparing and developing people is never on the shortest path. Well… how’d you do? Please don’t build the system so that the system is entirely reliant on you. When you do, in the long haul, nobody wins (including yourself!) Todd     HT:  Eric Geiger