You can be gay and be in our Boy Scouts alternative… just don't flaunt it.

No rainbow flags or flaunting your homosexuality in the new faith-based Boy Scout alternative called OnMyHonor.

The new group, formed out of opposition to the Boy Scouts recently changing their membership policy, will also allow gays.  They just won’t allow them to ‘flaunt it’.

“If a young man has a same-sex attraction he would not be turned away in the program, but he’s not going to be allowed to kind of openly flaunt it and carry a rainbow flag,” according to founder John Stemberger.  “There is not going to be any kind of a witch hunt in our organization for people and what their sexual orientation’s are. We’re going to focus on sexual purity not sexual orientation.”

You can also ‘transfer’ all of your rank advancements that you earned in the Boy Scouts to the new organization.

QUESTION:  If you’re a gay member of the boy scouts, why would you want to join the new organization?  Even if you don’t want to carry a rainbow flag in a parade?

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