Is Yoga something to get upset about? This parent thinks so…

One school district in California is mandating Yoga classes for their 5,000 students as a kind of “21st Century P. E.”. This has a handful of Christian parents upset.

Is Yoga something, as Christians and church leaders, to take a stand on? Mark Driscoll has said that he thinks Yoga is ‘demonic’?

Watch and listen as Matt Steen and I tackle this subject, and start the conversation…

christian yoga

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  • Lori January 16, 2013 Reply

    So I generally feel that Christians need to be aware and careful about how they engage in creative activities and yet participate in a great many things. Yoga however, is not something Christians should engage in for exercise.

    1. Yoga begins and ends with “namaste” which is a centering and connecting of energy and acknowledges a “divine spark” within each person. This is pantheism.

    2. Yoga also includes eastern mysticism forms of meditation. This meditation includes emptying the mind and focusing on a single point – usually the energy or goal of the yoga. This is not the form of meditation on God’s Word and God the Bible teaches.

    3. Each position is to worship or honor a god. Now we could argue that a Christian can turn their thoughts and not mean it for what it is intended and refocus it on God. However, I think back to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. I wonder if God would have honored their act of bowing to the gold image of Nebuchadnezzar as long as their mind was focused on Him. I doubt it.

    4. Yoga is not necessary. There are a number of exercise techniques to be healthy and honor these bodies that are temples of the Lord. Pilates is a good example. It strengthens and lengthens the muscles and has no overt spiritual teachings or overtones.

    5. While I understand that many people who do yoga have no clue what they are “worshiping” or understand the spiritual component. However, as Christians we do not have ignorance as an excuse. We are to avoid all forms of evil and this includes every form of idolatry. Lastly, we should be very careful about opening the door to spiritual warfare and to me, doing yoga, is the opposite of putting on the armor of God. I think this is partly what Driscoll was alluding to – yoga opens the door to demonic activity because it is pantheistic and part of a false religion.

  • Joseph January 16, 2013 Reply

    Well Put Lori

  • Ben January 16, 2013 Reply

    This has me thinking, and I’m still undecided. I must be honest, I attended my first yoga class this past weekend. I have an auto-immune disease that triggers some pretty miserable neuromuscular/joint symptoms at times, and some individuals with such things have shown improvement with yoga. My goal for trying yoga was simply to get my body back in good enough condition (flexibility, joints, pain, etc.,) to exercise again like a normal person. I figured the YMCA would be a safe place to try it out, as there clearly are some yoga gatherings out there that set off several “sketchy alarms.” Anyways, it was weird, the teacher was a little “out there,” and I’m not sure if I’ll go back. However, I cannot write it off as “demonic” across the board that easy. As far as the argument Driscoll used concerning whether Christians should “receive, reject, or redeem,” I believe I could use the same logic that he did to make a case against medicine (much of which has it’s historical roots in pagan practices), or hip-hop music (some already make this argument), and other things. It’s hard for me to take that position on yoga and not think it can be redeemed by any measure when I’m thankful for Advil, and Lecrae.

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  • Swami Param January 2, 2014 Reply

    Very simple. Real Yoga is Hinduism and thus has no place in the school system (except, perhaps, in comparative religious studies).

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