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Would you hire someone at your church with a visible tattoo?

A few weeks ago, the HR Capitalist posted a blog called “The New Rules of Tattoos in the Marketplace“.  This was written for a secular blog, but I wondered what it would be like in the church. Here are the new rules, according to the HR Capitalist: 1. Single Tattoos are no longer taboo – you have the cross, the barbed wire, a pacrim symbol for something, whatever. 2. We only assign max creativity to people with large portions of their upper torso covered. 3. No tattoos is starting to come back in style as “interesting” within some segments of the population. 4. Some single tattoos are seen as weak, meaning follower, etc.  Seriously.  Huh. That caused another HR blog to do a survey, and the results were surprising: Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 7.32.59 AM   This seems a little more realistic to what I think things would look like in the church. About 47% say it would be ok.  My guess is that’s still pretty high for church standards. I know that of the people we’ve interviewed in the past two years, I would say that probably half had a tattoo of some type. And probably about a quarter of our staff (at one time or another over the past couple of years) have some kind of markings. What about you? Would YOU hire someone with a tattoo? Or is it still taboo? Todd