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Willow Creek Expanding

Willow Creek Community Church is planning yet another addition — albeit its first in nearly a decade — to bring its Hoffman Estates-based Care Center onto its main campus in South Barrington.

The Care Center provides emergency food and clothing assistance as well as health and legal advice, employment services and English as a Second Language classes.

The new Care Center will grow the building’s current 295,000-square-foot footprint by 12.5 percent, and will be constructed in a consistent style of brickwork.

The Care Center has been attracting not only more clients during the economic downturn, but approximately 800 volunteers each month.

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One Response to “ “Willow Creek Expanding”

  1. Peter says:

    I like that they’re puttin’ their money where they say their heart is. Evidence that their heart may actually be in the right place! Bravo!


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