Wifeswap with Ted and Gary

OK… Ted Haggard and Gary Busey are evidently appearing on an episode of WifeSwap this season.

I’m interested in your comments.  Will you watch?  Good move for Ted or Gary?  Thoughts?



  • Christy October 4, 2011 Reply

    I think I’m more shocked to realize that Gary Busey is married

    • Matt Steen October 4, 2011 Reply

      Unfortunately for Ted, I think most of us had the same thought.

    • steve miller October 4, 2011 Reply

      I don’t think Garey is married, he has a live in girlfriend with whom he has a son.

  • Peter October 4, 2011 Reply

    The man has become a parody of himself.

  • steve miller October 4, 2011 Reply

    I’ll watch, but I also stop and stare at all train wrecks.

  • David October 6, 2011 Reply

    My reaction: Why does this not surprise me?

  • Fred October 9, 2011 Reply

    That personality type must have “strokes.” Anything for attention and cash.

  • Scott Harrison October 9, 2011 Reply

    Now THATS reality TV.

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