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Wife Swap Ted

So… Ted Haggard’s Wife Swap appearance is coming up soon.  (Remember, this doesn’t count on my predictions for the year). So… I thought it would be interesting to hear from Haggard why he’s doing this: “So many people are fixated on the scandal as though it is the only thing in [our lives], and actually, that was not the only thing… We’ve been married 33 years. We’ve got wonderful children. We had a wonderful church life at New Life ministries for 22 years, and now at St. James Church. The kids were excited about the idea of communicating the current status of our life so that [viewers] could have some actual data instead of the symbolic imagery that I have become out there in some people’s lives.” And later, Haggard tells CNN:  “Very often when someone is going through a difficult time, they will call me. From some of the governors that have gotten in trouble to some of the movie people who have gotten in trouble,” he said. “I’m more than happy to help people go through a crisis and consult with people on how to resurrect. I believe there is a resurrection in every one of us, and I do not believe that the worst moments of our lives need to or should define our lives.” Thoughts?  Are you glad for the opportunity for Ted to share the current status of his life so that we can have some actual data instead of all that symbolic imagery? I think if I want a status update from Ted, I’ll just check his Facebook.  We are still friends, right Ted? Read more here.