Why your team is fighting…

Is your team fighting?

Not healthy disagreements, mind you… we’re talking red-faced, ‘I don’t like you’, ‘I’m gonna find another job’, ‘I’m gonna punch you in the throat for Jesus’ kind of fighting?


The Leadership Freak has some suggestions as to why this is probably the case:

Incompetent leaders have teams who turn on each other.


Lack of focus invites conflict. Teams who don’t know what’s important can’t focus. Leaders focus teams by showing them what’s important,now. Focus taps creativity, generates energy, and fires urgency.

Personal agendas:

Everyone knows Mary wants her way because it makes her look good. She cares more for her career than the team’s success. Immature people think only of themselves. Mature managers manage for the benefit of others.

People, who need control or credit,
fight to get it and refuse to give it.

It’s time for a tough conversation. Reform or remove her. If you can’t remove her, make her insignificant to the team.

Naughty or nice:

Teams flounder when they don’t know how to fight nice. Advocating for ideas isn’t naughty until it becomes personal.

Naughty fighting focuses on people.
Nice fighting focuses on issues.

Naughty fighting is filled with “you.” But, blame and accusation never solve problems.

But wait… this is just the start… here is another reason, and some suggestions for getting out of the boxing ring with your team…

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