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Why your staff may hate working at your church

Facebook is usually looked at as a really great place to work. But recently, current and former Facebook employees are giving reasons why things are not always as they seem.  In fact, working at Facebook may not be a dream come true after all. As I read through the reasons… these immediately translated in my mind to church staff.  I’ve seen some of these personally in churches, and heard horror stories about others.  See if you can relate to why your staff (or the staff at the church down the street, if that makes you feel more comfortable) may really NOT like working at the church: 1.  There is not a truly functional infrastructure. So many churches are run by either politics or by the seat of our pants.  This does not provide a sense of security or sensibility to our staff. 2.  People complain to me just because I’m on staff. The door is broken.  I don’t like the music. Why are the sermons so long?  Why is so and so such a freak?  When are we going to update the children’s wing? I don’t know… I’m the small groups pastor. 3.  The complete lack of focus on my team. Most churches are a lot less focused than they let on during Sunday Services.  When leadership is not razor sharp in their focus, the staff can smell that instantly. 4.  Instructions were not clear, everything was a guessing game, and I was immediately set up to fail. See #3.  I’ve seen this again and again in churches.  Again, leadership has to be on their game. 5.  The leaders imposing a ‘holier than thou’ attitude. Yes… in some churches this is true.  Just stop it. 6.  We’re looking too hard at Google. Some churches look too hard at the church that’s growing the most in their community (if it’s not them).  Concentrate on what God is doing at your house, not the one down the street. 7.  The drama. Is there drama in your church workplace?  Is there good communication?  Are there divas?  Do people suddenly not have a job anymore?  Cut the drama.  It will kill your employees. Read some more things here. So… hows the work environment at YOUR church? Todd