Why your church won't try new things

Here’s a gem (I think) from an article from FastCompany.com: “Companies resist innovation because it appears to be less profitable”. OK… let me re-phrase: “Churches resist innovation because it appears to be less profitable”. But the church is ‘non-profit’. Really? Most church leaders are always looking at the bottom line.  And you have to… because you’re responsible for it. But starting a new ministry when it makes little or no financial sense to do so? And if there’s not a way to justify, on the front-end, mind you, the expense to start and try something new… Most churches take a pass. And maybe sometimes that’s a good thing. But our mission is different than business. We’re not in it, ultimately, to make money. Right? So… next time you have an idea (or more importantly, when your staff or a key volunteer brings you an idea) that doesn’t make sense financially… pause and ask these two questions: 1.  Does this idea ultimately move us closer to reaching our mission statement as a church? 2.  Am I look at this idea through an ‘eternity’ lens or through a ‘financial’ lens? Most days, we’d do best to put on our ‘eternity’ glasses.  We’ll find the best ways to change and innovate in our own ministry situation when we stop asking “How much is this going to cost” right off the bat. Think about that. // Read more here… Thoughts? Todd