Why I'm glad I'm not Rick Warren reason #37: "I have many gay friends"

I’ve mentioned several times that I am so glad that I am NOT Rick Warren. I love Rick… and I’ve been a firm defender of him over the years.  But I would not want to be Rick. EVERY SINGLE thing he says is tweeted, re-tweeted and criticized. Like this. When asked by the Huffington Post if he was homophobic, Rick replied “I have many, many gay friends.” That set off Generations Radio show hosts Pastor Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner: :Listen now… Swanson: Dave, you know, he says, ‘I have many, many gay friends.’ ‘Many, many gay friends.’ Buehner: Which is weird, because I have never said that. Swanson: I have never said that either, I don’t say, ‘I have many, many gay friends.’ It’s almost like saying, ‘I have many, many gay fornicators;’ ‘I have many, many gay liar friends;’ it’s just craziness. I just interviewed this guy who goes into maximum security prisons and he interviews serial killers and I appreciate this guy, he’s actually had an opportunity to talk to a number of then and he says some twenty-five percent of them actually do repent he thinks, and it’s wonderful to see their lives turn around. So I mean, you know, what does this guy say: ‘I have many, many serial killer friends.’ I don’t think he says that, he doesn’t say that. I think he says, ‘it’s a shameful thing to be a serial killer.’ You wouldn’t want to wear that on a t-shirt, you wouldn’t want to say ‘I have many, many friends who kill people.’ Buehner: ‘I have many, many cannibal friends.’ ‘I have many, many molester friends.’ Just pick the abomination. Swanson: You just don’t want to wear that on a shirt. Buehner: ‘Many of my friends are wife beaters,’ would I say that? Just goes to prove… if you’re Rick Warren, whatever you say will offend someone. Why are we so quick to take people out of context and think the worst most of the time? Todd HT:  RightWingWatch Thoughts?