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Why do people come to Christ?

I thought this was insightful from Lee Powell, pastor of Cedar Creek Church (a GREAT church, by the way) in Toledo, OH.

He was recently asked by Leadership Network’s Eric Swanson why people came to Christ.  Lee’s response:

  • Something was broken
  • Something was missing
  • Something had changed

Eric Swanson writes:

“Cedar Creek is pretty intentional about tracking why people come to Christ and most everybody comes to Christ through those avenues.into the kingdom. Cedar Creek is an outlier in evangelism. Last year they saw over a thousand people come to faith.”

Eric, along with my colleague Brent Dolfo will be launching a two-year initiative on Evangelism in 2014.  If you’re interested you can check out more information here…

QUESTION:  Why do YOU think people come to Christ?  Do you agree with Lee’s assessment?


6 Responses to “ “Why do people come to Christ?”

  1. This is good stuff to track, even though I’m pretty sure Christ comes to US, not the other way around… But where he meets us… that’s good to track.

  2. phildilernia says:

    Something Broken, Missing, or Changed is about right. God’s Spirit reveals that truth to the non-believer’s heart and then (mostly) through His Ambassadors the non-believer will come to acknowledge their “poverty” and choose Jesus’ riches. We LOVE connecting people with God each and every day through our Ambassadorship. Contrary to the belief of many, God has never stopped working in the hearts of mankind. Praise Him!

  3. Rick McGinniss says:

    Great observation. It also reminds me of John Maxwell’s statement that people change when …

    * they hurt enough that they have to
    * learn enough that they want to
    * receive enough that they are able to

  4. Greg Wigfield says:

    So I would like to know what Cedar Creek has done with this information. Seems like valuable data that should have some strategy attached to it. Based on what they have already accomplished, they know how to use this information to become even more effective.

  5. Jim Peet says:

    We used your post as a filing on Sharper Iron here. Thanks

  6. Huw Thomas says:

    Those who were lost, but now are found never, ever came to Him. He came to them. That is my personal experience of salvation and I know of no other.

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