What you need to know about dealing with introverts

So… are you an introvert, or an extrovert? Me?  I’m quite an introvert. And that drives some people crazy. Introverts can be misunderstood many times.  We can be seen as totally introspective, anti-social, impersonal, and even sometimes ‘not all that bright’. For extroverts, there is energy and acceptance in the crowd. For introverts, crowds are exhausting. Some people believe that introverts can’t make great leaders.  But I must tell you that some of the great communicators and church leaders I met over the years are real introverts. How do you deal with introverts in YOUR ministry?  Here’s a graphic that may help you understand them; and help manage your expectations (or feelings toward) introverts and how they might respond (or not respond) to your personality and leadership: introverts Thoughts? Read more here… Todd