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What would your church do with MORE money?

Thom Rainer asked post pastors and congregants “If your church budget receipts were to increase tomorrow by 50 percent, what would you like to do with the extra funds?”.

Here are the answers he got from his informal survey:

Pastors & Other Paid Ministers


  1. Missions beyond our community
  2. Ministry in and to our community
  3. Start new churches or campuses
  4. Upgrade existing buildings
  5. Pay down debt
  6. New building
  7. Upgrade sound and lighting
  8. Increase pay of existing staff
  9. Add staff
  10. Increase social media presence
  1. Add staff
  2. Missions beyond our community
  3. New building
  4. Upgrade existing building
  5. More and better program materials
  6. Increase cash reserves
  7. Pay down debt
  8. Ministry in and to our community
  9. New church vehicles
  10. Upgrade sound and lighting

What does this tell you about the mindsets and priorities of these two different sets of people?

What does it say about how you communicate your vision and mission of your church and what things are important?

What can YOU learn from this list?

What are your first impressions and thoughts?  Would love to hear them in a comment!

Read Thom’s observations here.


One Response to “ “What would your church do with MORE money?”

  1. James says:

    This is a very interesting survey.
    As one person has already noticed that the categories seemed to be broken down into:
    Ministry (In & Out(
    Staff (Salaries and more staff)
    Finances (Indebtedness/improving facilities/Media)

    The only comment I bring to the table is that every churches situation with the staff and congregation is different.
    One church maybe head over heals in debt and even with a 50% increase may not free them up enough to add staff etc.
    So to the indebted church I’d suggest getting out of debt first.
    To the inadequate staffing church I’d suggest adding staff to fulfill basic ministry needs
    To the growing church with enough staff, resources, perhaps growth in outreach and planting churches.
    There’s really no one size fits all, it really depends on that church leadership being sensitive to what is needed and what the vision of the church might be.
    Sometimes a church cannot fulfill it’s vision because of the hurdles it faces in staff, finances, vision, facilities etc.
    Each of those areas have to be carefully analyzed and then strategically begin to work toward those areas.
    Perhaps a 1, 2, 3, etc. plan has to be devised, but it’s all depending on where the church is at.
    There are organizations that can help sort out a churches vision, strengths and weaknesses.
    Good read. I don’t see conflicts between the two groups I simply see that perceptions are different. If there’s any separation it would be that staff needs to communicate more clearly what the church needs. And if the staff/pastor doesn’t know there are organizations that can help prioitize.

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