What will the church look like in 2063?

David Murrow, the director of Church from Men, has some ideas:

1.  The midsize congregation will disappear.

2.  An explosion of satellite campuses and microchurches

3.  A small number of cutting-edge megachurches led by amazingly talented communicators.

4.  No denominations.

5.  America will have about 200 well-known preachers by 2062.

6.  More money spent on mission.

7.  We’ll need a lot fewer preachers.

8.  We’ll need a lot more campus pastors.

9.  Small group ministry will be more important in 60 years than it is today.

10.  Microchurches and megachurches will cooperate for programs like youth and children’s ministries across cities.

You can read more here.


What do YOU think the church will look like in 50 years?

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