What Some Church Leaders and LeBron James Have in Common

I’m really interested in the NBA playoffs this year… mostly because my Cleveland Cavaliers have a (slight) chance at winning… we’ll see if it’s all over after tonight. But after Sunday night’s game, LeBron James had an interesting statement about himself… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTCOQ-qQIPw “I feel confident because I’m the best player in the world.  It’s simple.” That’s bravado. And maybe that’s ok for a sports star (although it didn’t hit me well when I heard it).  It can be death for a church leader. Wait a minute. No church leader I’ve ever met has said they were the best church leader in the world, you say. OK… I’ll give you that. They may not have SAID it. But most of us have met someone that thinks they are “God’s gift to ministry”. You know them… they are the people that are glad that you have the opportunity to work with them. They may never say they’re the best… but after you are around them for about five minutes, they don’t really have to SAY it. Thankfully… there aren’t a ton of LeBron’s in ministry. But there are a few. Whenever you are feeling secure in your ministry… whenever you are starting to think you are the poop… remember that you’re part of a much bigger team… and you’ve not ever been called to be the star player. We serve a star play.  And. you. are. not. Him. So… if you think you are the star player.  Stop it. Every day I thank God for letting me be a part of His deal.  And I ask him to help me play my part well. That means I want to do what only I can do the best for the Kingdom. The moment I go all LeBron in my head is the moment that means I’m about to be humbled. And humbling hurts.  Been there, done that. I’m not the poop. I’m hoping this only goes for ministry stuff, because I really want LeBron to win. Go Cavs! Todd