What kind of leader will you be in 2013? A pragmatist or a idealist?

Brady Boyd writes: The leaders of most local churches generally are influenced by either pragmatism or idealism when making decisions and leading their congregations. Leaders who are pragmatists tend to assess situations and solve problems in a practical, matter-of-fact way. Idealists tend to be moved by all the possibilities, while pragmatists immediately see the limitations. The truth is we need both influences in our churches. The problem is when one or the other dominates the church leadership culture. When the pragmatists are in charge, budgets are met, schedules are kept, and things tend to be predictable. When idealism dominates, songs are written, music is created and creative energies are released in full measure. When the pragmatists are in charge, the creative community flees to more open waters or simply shuts down and concedes to the system. When the idealists are in charge, much is done, but sometimes very little is accomplished. Sometimes, the idealists and the pragmatists can produce, as Brady calls it, a civil war in your church. But we all need each other. The idealist and the pragmatist. Which are you? Does the other annoy you?  How do you deal with them? Or do you see them as a valuable member of your team… a member so valuable that you’d be at a real loss without them on your team? It’s really your decision… your call as to how you deal with the idealists and pragmatists on your team… especially the ones that are the total opposite of you. Read more of Brady’s post here.  It’s good.

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