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What if your church was THIS generous?

Does being generous spur more generosity?

It would appear so.  From the Huffington Post:

A donut shop in Amesbury, Mass., witnessed an incredible string of customers “paying it forward” — and forward, and forward, and forward.

A total of 55 customers came through Heav’nly Donuts’ drive-thru on Saturday offering to pay the bill of the person behind them, CBS Boston affiliate WBZ reported.

The chain of generosity began after a stranger paid for Eileen Taylor’s drink on Friday. When she went back the next day committed to do the same for someone else, she started a trend.

“After that it was like, oh we’re three cars deep, four cars deep, and after about the 15th car I started letting the customers know, ‘Hey, we’re 17 cars in, you can either keep it going or you can take your coffee and go. Either way it’s your choice,’” a Heav’nly Donuts clerk told the station.

Wendy Clement, the shop’s manager, told the Christian Post that the chain eventually ended an hour and a half later -– but only because no one else was in line.

“It was fantastic,” Clement added. “The generosity was unbelievable.”

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QUESTION:  What if YOUR CHURCH spurred this kind of generosity in your community?

QUESTION:  Leadership starts at the top.  Your church will only become as generous as your leaders.  How generous are you?

What’s the most generous thing you’ve ever seen a church do?


2 Responses to “ “What if your church was THIS generous?”

  1. These pay it forward kind of deals seem to be cropping up. Some anonymous stranger bought my family ice cream last week. I think they’re worthless and even dangerous… and here’s why.

    It’s tempting to think I’m generous when I buy a cup of coffee for someone, except that they expected to pay for it and had the money (and more) for it. At this point, it becomes about how I “feel”… shame…

    If my generosity does not extend to the least of these… I don’t know that it’s worthwhile.

    You wanna “pay it forward”? Sponsor a compassion or world vision child, give to an organization that really helps the needy, give to “”. Do something like that.

  2. Jeff Ruble says:

    If our church did I’d have a heart attack lol. I thnk it is good as long as they don’t brag about it.

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