What if you put Jesus in charge of small groups?

Justin Knowles asks:

If Jesus was in charge of small groups at a church, what would they look like? What would he focus on? Why? What would be his priorities? It actually is really fun to think about and I think it’s relatively easy to figure it out because we just need to look how Jesus lead. I think if we are doing these things, we ought to be doing pretty good.

He gives some examples of how he thinks Jesus would lead here.

But really… what should our small groups look like?

What should our DISCIPLESHIP or SPIRITUAL FORMATION process look like?

How would Jesus do it differently that we/you are doing it now?

Is it possible to disciple like Jesus did?  How would you go about doing it?

If you hired Jesus as your small groups consultant… what would he tell you to do differently?

Let’s start there.


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