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What are you preaching in 2013?

Have you thought much about what you will be concentrating on in your church in 2013?

Joe Buchanan gives some practical advice on how to plan our your preaching calendar for the year.  See if this is helpful:

1. Spend time fasting, praying and preparing yourself spiritually to hear from God

The amount of time and the way you do this will depend on the individual.  There is no substitute, however, for getting yourself spiritually prepared to hear from God.

2.  Identify the key issues and needs facing your congregation

I like to take an afternoon to simply pray through our church directory, asking God to call to mind the needs of individual needs of my congregation.  As the Lord calls various issues to my mind, I make a list of issues and needs.  Once I have prayed through every name in the directory, I then go back and categorize the needs and identify the most pressing issues facing our church.  

3. Outline your preaching strategy

One of the key factors for effective preaching is to have variety in your styles and approaches… You will have to adjust the plan to meet your needs but I try to include the following in my yearly plan:

  • Preach through two books of the Bible
  • An expository topical series on the family
  • A theological expository series on a major doctrine of the Bible
  • Individual holiday sermons or short series
  • Standalone messages dealing with specific issues in the community

What do YOU have planned for 2013?

How far do you normally plan ahead?

And what are you MOST excited about for the new year?

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2 Responses to “ “What are you preaching in 2013?”

  1. bBB says:


  2. Dave Johnson says:

    32 Sundays on the sermon on the mount…I usually start planning for the year ahead, summer of the previous year

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