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Welcome to 2016. Time to Think About Your Resignation Letter

Well… that’s not a great way to start off 2014, Todd… thinking about your resignation letter from your church! OK… I get your point. But maybe you should think about it today… the first day back to work in the new year.

This could give you a real kick in the pants as you start the 2016 ministry year...Click To Tweet Whether you’re happy you’re where you are at, or you’re just putting in your time (we’ve both been both places!), there is some value in the exercise of thinking about what you might write in your resignation letter… it helps to to focus on what you’re thankful for today. I wrote a post about this subject over at my site.  I hope you’ll take time to read it today and do the exercise.  Believe it or not, it could give you a real kick in the pants for 2016 as you reflect back on the good things that have happened (and that are still in store for you) WHEREVER God has placed you! Pastoral Resignation Letters:  Seven Elements for a Successful Letter Here’s to a great 2016! Todd