• Paul Redding July 23, 2013 Reply

    To say that evolutionists teach that we come from monkeys is not correct. You may know that, but many don’t. It’s more like we are a different species of ape from the ones in the zoo. We are classified as primates. I just hate it when Christians don’t understand things and say or do things that makes them seem ridiculous.

    Family Hominidae: great apes, including humans (seven species)

    There have been 11 species of primates discovered since 20010

  • What bothers me most is that this Baptist church is producing a new generation of mindless fundamentalists who cannot think, in fact must reject thought to preserve their fragile faith. I predict that these girls will one day reject the entirety of their faith when they have to confront reality. It may be in college or just through life experience, but they will one day lose their faith because they were taught that you cannot have science and faith. This church will bear the responsibility for that… Shame.

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