USA Today recognizes 'Church in a box'

USA Today recently did an article about churches that have no buildings.

We’ve known about this trend for a long time… but this is totally new to many people.

A church without a building?  uh-huh.

Pretty good video, until the end with the screaming woman and mostly unfilled room.

Regardless, it is a very interesting article…



  • DA June 25, 2013 Reply

    Interesting. Funny how no matter what kind of church (there are a few exceptions), no matter what kind of venue, The congregation always sit six rows back. Why is it that we MUST have a microphone, multi-media, & sound system….even when there are only twenty people there?

    • DanO June 25, 2013 Reply

      “The congregation always sit six rows back” Ha ha, good point. Maybe we’re afraid we’re going to get called on or used as an example to make a point.

      I suppose, to interpret optimistically, the mic, sound system, projector are hoping for more people. The church where I spoke at last Sunday (we met in a funeral home) had only about 25 people. We had a mic but no big screen and I STILL had an older man say he had a hard time hearing me.

  • David Mullens July 18, 2013 Reply

    I realize I’m about a month late to comment…noticed that the original post said USA Today “recently” did an article….the article (and video) are from July of 2011 which makes it a couple of years old. Perhaps they are more on the ball than we thought 😉

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