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USA Today recognizes ‘Church in a box’

USA Today recently did an article about churches that have no buildings.

We’ve known about this trend for a long time… but this is totally new to many people.

A church without a building?  uh-huh.

Pretty good video, until the end with the screaming woman and mostly unfilled room.

Regardless, it is a very interesting article…


3 Responses to “ “USA Today recognizes ‘Church in a box’”

  1. DA says:

    Interesting. Funny how no matter what kind of church (there are a few exceptions), no matter what kind of venue, The congregation always sit six rows back. Why is it that we MUST have a microphone, multi-media, & sound system….even when there are only twenty people there?

    • DanO says:

      “The congregation always sit six rows back” Ha ha, good point. Maybe we’re afraid we’re going to get called on or used as an example to make a point.

      I suppose, to interpret optimistically, the mic, sound system, projector are hoping for more people. The church where I spoke at last Sunday (we met in a funeral home) had only about 25 people. We had a mic but no big screen and I STILL had an older man say he had a hard time hearing me.

  2. I realize I’m about a month late to comment…noticed that the original post said USA Today “recently” did an article….the article (and video) are from July of 2011 which makes it a couple of years old. Perhaps they are more on the ball than we thought ;)

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