Unmeasured results DON'T MATTER.

Think about this statement from the “Leadership Freak”

Those who don’t enjoy measuring results, don’t enjoy achievement.

I’ve noticed that there are two types of leaders… please tell me if I’m wrong:

1.  The kind of leader that doesn’t like to measure.  They’re intimidated by measurement.  They run from it.  Either they’re afraid that something won’t work.  Or that they’ll lose their job.  Or that someone will think bad if things don’t increase by 400%.

2.  The kind of leader that LOVES to measure.  They’ll measure only because they need to know what the scorecard reads.  Are we winning?  Is this idea a loser?  Are we moving the ball down the field?

My experience…

Leaders that measure actually do move the ball down the field… consistently… but slowly.

Leaders that don’t like to measure sometimes move the ball down the field.  But they’re not quite sure why or how it happened.  They’re just happy with what they can get.  (And if they ball is not moving in the right direction, they’re many time eager to show how it was another team member’s call that caused the loss).

What kind of leader are YOU?



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