Two steps to intentionally celebrating victories at your church

After just getting back from visiting two new churches over the weekend, I agree with Diana Davis and her piece over at Baptist Press this morning.  Diana writes:

I’ve noticed an interesting common denominator in vibrant, growing churches: They always seem to be celebrating something God’s doing there. Your church can do that.

As Diana outlines, the process is so simple, EVERY church can do it.

But many don’t.

Both successful churches I attended this past weekend were masterful at it.

Your church should be too.

Here are the two simple, easy steps:

1.  Be vigilantly observant to see what God’s doing in His church. He is at work! Keep an ongoing list, and select at least one current praise to mention each Sunday.

2.  Plan the best way to tell everyone what God is doing. Use varying methods to praise Him for that specific blessing during Sunday worship’s announcements.

Diana gives some examples that you can read here… very simple ways to celebrate victories in 30 seconds or less.

Vibrant, growing churches celebrate victories by communicating them.

How is your church doing in this areas?

What is ONE victory that YOUR church communicated this past Sunday?

Share it here below in the comment section!

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  • Trapper March 6, 2013 Reply

    No, no, no, no, no!

    On most of the “techniques,” at least! They’re repulsive. They reek of “amateur hour.” They’re what make older and smaller churches completely suck and turn people off.

    Stand up? Raise your hand? Announce births? Clap for God when everyone knows you just twisted everyone’s arm? Stupid certificates that become either future clutter for a hoarder, an instant wad in the trash can, or the latest diversionary shreds in the shredder? What’s a “wall visual,” and why am I afraid of the answer?

    The idea is an okay one (though I might argue true life, growth, excitement, and vibrancy are self-evident traits that can be picked up the moment one walks in a door), but the way it’s executed simply MUST be better! You CANNOT communicate with, inspire, and energize 21st-century people from within a paradigm formed by a pastor’s wife’s experience in a small church in 1961!

    (That’s one reason to look for people who DIDN’T grow up in church — they will NEVER for a moment think such things are “normal”)

  • Mike Kjergaard March 6, 2013 Reply

    Good concept, but I gotta agree with Trapper regarding the execution.

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