Tuned Out

Phil Cooke has written an article over at Ministry Today that has the byline:

People will tune Christians out, if all we do is complain.


I actually heard a preacher not long ago say something refreshing… if we as Christians are not happy with our society and our culture and our politicians, we should put up or shut up; because the truth is… we have no one to blame but ourselves.

When the church is the church; IF the church would be the church; our communities would be transformed.

It’s really pretty simple.

But we’re too busy arguing about carpet color choices, whether to build another new building, or if we’ll preach from the NIV11 or HCSB, or whether the Elephant Room is a good thing.


If you haven’t figured this out yet… if all we do is complain, people WILL tune out.  Especially the younger generation, who, for the most part, have had it with the traditional church, it’s people, and it’s structure anyway.

That means we have to stop complaining from the pulpit… and the pew.

Easier said than done, for sure.

Read Phil’s piece here:  Criticizing Won’t Change the World



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