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Trailer Teases With Lavish, Dramatic Lifestyles of Six Mega-Pastors

Fast cars, lavish mansions in swanky neighborhoods, infidelity and angst-filled episodes are on full display in the prosperous lifestyles of six megachurch pastors featured in a trailer for the new reality show, “Preachers of L.A.,” slated for the Oxygen network this fall.

More here: Trailer Teases With Lavish, Dramatic Lifestyles of Six Mega-Pastors Clarence McClendon, Ron Gibson, Noel Jones 

Never heard of any of these guys (not that that makes a difference)… but this program is NOT helpful.

This is… what… the third or fourth program like this?

And there are probably plenty more to come when pastors are willing to do them.

I’d like to see a real reality one that shows the average pastor and his work week.

I’d find it interesting.

But I don’t think it’d be a ratings hit.

QUESTION:  Would you watch this show?  Why or why not?

QUESTION:  Would you EVER go on a show like this?

QUESTION:  Who would you LIKE to see on a show like this?


8 Responses to “ “Trailer Teases With Lavish, Dramatic Lifestyles of Six Mega-Pastors”

  1. I watched this trailer yesterday and honestly, it made me sick.

  2. SuSu says:

    Ummmm…probably would watch one time just to get the full enchilada of what I already know…have an “educated” opinion about the show, you know what I mean?
    I am very troubled by this prosperity gospel that is becoming more and more prevalent. The Word is twisted to glorify and justify a monetary rich lifestyle. God’s word does not promise any believer worldly riches…only riches in His Spirit…. He promises we will be blessed beyond measure spiritually. To teach people that riches is a sign of God’s exclusive favor is hog wash!!! What do you tell those who are struggling to make ends meet….that their faith isn’t strong enough? Don’t think so! Some just have skills that allow them to make more money….and we all must remember, whom much is given…much is required.

  3. Jimmy Smuda says:

    just vomited in my mouth. These aren’t pastors, they are piranhas…

  4. Jeff Ruble says:

    Nope. Not watching it. Its shame what people have done in the name of the Lord.

  5. Jeff Ruble says:


  6. Chris Shaffer says:

    Nope to all three questions.

  7. Monua Cary says:

    Jesus said if HE BE LIFTED up, He would draw all men unto Himself. The focus should be on the Lord…because He isn’t an ATM machine. I won’t judge these men, but I will say this, their lives by example will speak of their character.

  8. Rev. K. A. Christian says:

    the problem isn’t the show… the problem is the nature in which this show is derived… many say it’s excess because they’re of African American descent… but our counter part preachers are living lavish lifestyles as well. Charles Stanely, Joel Osteen, Billy Graham… they all have just as much material goods as these preachers… the only difference is they’re not known to the public…

    If we’re going to condemn these preachers… we must condemn all preachers who are considered to be prosperous…

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