Top Ten rudest things people do in church

This is from J. Lee Grady at Charisma News:  The top 10 rudest things people do in church:

1. Talking during a service.

2. Texting or surfing the web during a service. (One person mentioned seeing people playing video games on their phones.)

3. Sleeping—or snoring!—during a sermon.

4. Clipping fingernails during church. (I was amazed at how many people listed this offense. One person said his church’s sound technician clipped his nails routinely during the sermon, and it was amplified over the loud speaker.)

5. Answering a ringing phone in church.

6. Constantly getting up and leaving the auditorium, presumably to use the restroom.

7. Walking out of a service early, especially during a prayer.

8. Letting babies cry incessantly in the service.

9. Chewing or smacking gum. (One friend from Puerto Rico said he is particularly annoyed when people “chew gum like a goat.”)

10. Public display of affection. (One person complained about a man and wife who enjoy giving each other back rubs during worship.)

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Those were the most common replies. Other infractions mentioned in my unscientific poll included (1) “Pushing people to the floor while praying for them”; (2) “Saying ‘Amen’ 100 times during the sermon”; (3) “Taking change from the offering plate”; (4) “Swearing in church” (I didn’t ask for the details on that!); and (5) “Drinking beverages during the entire service.”

But as I mused over these replies, I couldn’t help but wonder: What does God consider rude?

Great question.  Look at the list above.  Which of this (all/none/some) do you think that God would consider rude?

And is rudeness the same as sin?

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  • Jeff Ruble July 9, 2013 Reply

    Todd, being. a litte lighthearted here. Don’t. know what to do about the others but for the sleeping in church I have a story for you.
    There’s a lady who’s husband falls asleep in church every sunday for years. It bother her so much she went to the padtor about. He told her to buy some limburger chesse to bring it to church with her in her purse. when he feel asleep to take it out wave it under his nose to wake him up.
    About 10 min into the sermon. he began to nod several times then fell asleep. She took out the chesse waved it under hid nose. he woke up and scream,”shoowe Louise. get your. feet off my pillow .”

    • Dale Kleimola July 9, 2013 Reply

      Jeff… Thanks for the laugh.

  • Fred July 9, 2013 Reply

    If you are quiet , no one should even be able to tell if you slipped out during a prayer.

  • Michael Brown July 9, 2013 Reply

    Arriving as the new pastor in a very rural community in NW Ohio, everytime I was wrapping up the sermon an alarm would go off towards the back of the church. I was starting to get paranoid that someone was intentionally sabotaging me. By the 4th week I got down on my hands and knees with a flashlight certain I would find a watch tapped to the bottom of a pew. My search turned up nothing. I then enlisted the help of a young adult who sat strategically in the area we thought the sound was coming from. The time arrived. The alarm sounded. It was the watch of one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet, a true man of God. Unfortunately he didn’t realize how bad his hearing was and no one seated near him wanted to embarrass him by ratting him out the new pastor. He didn’t even know his watch had an alarm. We helped him delete the alarm and all had a good laugh. The moral of the story for me is that as a pastor I was too easily believed the worst of my people… that is the most rude thing in many of our churches today.

  • brianbergman August 7, 2013 Reply

    Viewing the internet should not be considered per se rude. I often look at the internet during the sermon. I may check out a commentary on the passage that is being taught or I may verify some historical fact mentioned by the preacher. Older individuals may find this rude, but we should just get used to it. This is an interactive world we live in. I don’t think we can continue to expect people to sit passively and just listen to the preacher.

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