Top Ten Reasons to Ban Mark Driscoll from Liberty University

There is a move on the internet to ban an upcoming visit to Liberty University by Mark Driscoll. Driscoll is supposed to speak at an April 20th chapel service and hold a marriage conference on campus.

But this isn’t sitting well with some, and they’ve started an online petition to stop Driscoll from speaking on campus.

Add an outspoken blogger to the mix, and you have a mini-firestorm that caused the Liberty board to fire back an official response, claiming big misrepresentations from the blogger.

As it stands at this writing, Driscoll is still scheduled to speak on April 20.

Here’s the wording of the petition.  Would it convince YOU to sign it?

How would your founder Jerry Falwell respond to a preacher who taught this in his writing and speaking?

“In conjunction with the rhythm method of birth control, it is possible to use anal sex as an option.”[1]

“Jesus Christ commands you to [perform oral sex on your husband]….What I would say to you as well, ladies, I probably shouldn’t, that most of your husbands wake up in the morning with an erection, and so rather than setting the alarm, if this was the way that you helped to awaken them, they would have a great day. Amen? I’m actually saying these things. Some of you are sitting here going, “Is this happening? Is this really happening?” Yes it is. [Laughter from audience.]…And he says that, “Your vagina is a garden.” It has wonderful smells and it has wonderful tastes. It’s a garden. . . . He talks about how much he loves her vagina. Many women feel awkward about this. The husband needs to tell the wife, “It’s beautiful. It tastes well. It smells well. You keep yourself well. I enjoy it. It’s a garden to me.”[2] 

Here’s what one of Jerry Falwell’s peers, well known Pastor John MacArthur had to say about Mark Driscoll’s teaching. 

“It is spiritually tantamount to an act of rape” and “Mark Driscoll has boldly led the parade down this carnal path.”[3] 

What would the parents of your students say if they saw this? 

What would the pastors who refer students to Liberty say? 

What would your donors say if they had to read this? 

If you say you aren’t worried about that, then for integrity’s sake immediately post these statements on your website. Your students and those who care about their spiritual welfare deserve fair warning about Driscoll’s penchant to sexualize whatever he can, wherever he can. 

Click here to sign the petition asking Liberty University to cancel Mark Driscoll’s upcoming speaking event. 

Failure to Drop Driscoll may result in a public protest on the Liberty University campus.

Here are my thoughts…

1.  It’s always a bad argument when you start by asking what a dead founder would say/do.  Truth is… no one knows.  He’s dead.

2.  You go from the deceased founder to an anal sex quote.  I’m pretty sure Jerry Falwell wouldn’t like that.  (There… see how easy that was to invoke the name of the founder).

3.  Cite one paragraph from a few hundred page book.

4.  Bring John MacArthur into the mix (and again mention the dead founder).

5.  Throw in a ‘what would the parents think’ type statement.

6.  Throw in a ‘remember… pastors recruit for you and recommend Liberty University… but they won’t if you let this ‘anal’ guy speak on campus.

7.  Don’t forget the ‘your donors will all dry up’ if you let this happen schpeel.

8.  If all else fails, cite their ‘lack of integrity’ and lack of spiritual discernment.

9.  Make everything about sex.  Like Driscoll’s ‘penchant to sexualize whatever he can, wherever he can.”

10.  Finally… and don’t ever forget this… threaten a public protest on campus.

If I remember right, Jerry Falwell liked a good organized public protest every now and then.  (There I go again… sorry, Jerry.)

You know… I went to Cedarville University in the 1980s, and I remember a very similar situation that created a lot of scuttlebutt and trouble for University officials in 1985.  It was all about a speaker we were having in chapel.

His name?

Jerry Falwell.

People were outraged that we would have such a social activist.  The more conservative among us were outraged that Cedarville would bring such a ecumenical leader to campus.

(And I still remember the ‘three wise men and a virgin’ joke he told at chapel.)

It’s been 25 years since then.  But we still have people that get all honked off.

What’s the fear?

That Mark Driscoll will get all the ‘Christian College Kids” all fired up about anal sex?

Oh my.


Those are my top ten reasons.  Perhaps you have more?


  • Matt Steen April 9, 2012 Reply

    I gotta ask… what was the punch line to Jerry’s joke?

  • Todd Rhoades April 9, 2012 Reply

    It was some liberal group that had to cancel their annual live nativity because they ‘couldn’t find three wise men and a virgin’.

    Pretty racy for Cedarville 1985.



  • Dillon April 9, 2012 Reply

    I have no problem with this. Good for the students.

  • Alan April 9, 2012 Reply

    I have no problem with the petition…the problem I have is that it’s on a MoveOn property and databases you there forever!

    (Deleting the cookies from it right now!)

    And, Todd, you didn’t go to Cedarville University…you went to Cedarville College!

  • Todd Rhoades April 9, 2012 Reply

    Alan. You caught me as a liar. I did, in fact, go to Cedarville COLLEGE.

    Perhaps you could start a petition to keep me from blogging here. 🙂


  • Brian April 9, 2012 Reply

    Driscoll’s words come back to “bite” him. Don’t sexualize that last statement! These are college kids expressing their convictions; good for them. All of us who went to college had some issues. BTW Todd, your trying to rationalize their arguments is as rational as their arguments!!

  • Chris April 10, 2012 Reply

    First of all, most college kids are already fired up about sex – anal or not- doesn’t matter if Driscoll speaks about this or not… Even at a place like Liberty there’s at least a few people wondering about it.

    And Really what’s the big deal about Driscoll talking about something that few pastors and xians have the balls to say anyway? Oral sex, anal sex, sex in general – The church needs to talk about this – and people in the church need to hear about this stuff…

  • John April 10, 2012 Reply

    Extremely inappropriate.

  • Matt April 11, 2012 Reply

    Personally, as someone who has read the Real Marriage book, I commend him on his stance. Is his book out of place with what typically gets taught in marriage books? Yeah, but if you look at how well the church is doing with issues of pornography, premarital sex, and adultery, I’m glad it’s out of place. If the church refuses to speak on a subject, the world will happily fill the silence.

    • Colin April 11, 2012 Reply

      Amen Todd, Matt, and Chris! Look around your church and see the divorce, adultery and dysfunction surrounding people’s marital relationships. Evidently the message that all the other pastors are preaching is not getting through to the people.

    • Emerson B. Ocampo June 7, 2012 Reply

      Amen! to that, the church should not allow the world to tell our kids about sex. Sex remains taboo in the church because of the distortions around us today, but we can’t ignore that sex needs to be talked about I would trust Driscoll more than any secular sex therapist.

  • Steve Miller April 12, 2012 Reply

    Mark is not Dr. Ruth, he doesn’t only talk about sex, sex, and sex. Most of his books and sermons do not discuss sex, because it would be out of place. In a book on marriage it is quite appropriate to discuss sexual issues. I don’t know Mark personally, but I’m guessing he is referencing his own ministerial past in the book; that is discussing the topics his congregants in Seattle have brought into the church and counseling sessions.

  • Donna April 13, 2012 Reply

    I have heard MANY of Mark Driscoll’s sermons and I really like him because he’s honest, he knows his stuff, he ABSOLUTELY loves Jesus and he is willing to talk about real life issues and answer the questions on everyone’s mind that not many other Pastor’s would dare to! I totally agree with Steve, Matt and Chris. God has given Mark a gift of being able to talk effectively, in an engaging and relevant way to his audience. He does his research before-hand on his audience and I think he does a brilliant job of making the Bible relevant to people on different real life issues. I think the
    University students would be missin out if they DIDN’T hear him personally.

  • anonymous April 13, 2012 Reply

    Unless you delve into something that no other person is saying (including the Bible) you can not generate the excitement it takes to pull in the dollar bills from itchy eared sheeple. It has to be a new wind of doctrine. Anal sex is great, especially if you smoke a couple of joints first. And I hope Jesus told our wives to deep throat. Oh, it’s bad if I say it, I’m not a preacher.

  • Lori April 16, 2012 Reply

    Let me say that I am a Liberty alum and this is not the first “controversial” speaker. (Remember Glenn Beck at the 2010 graduation?) The first thing that bothers me is that the whole focus is on sex which is probably not the topic he will preach. He is speaking at Convocation. Now what he does at his marriage conference to me is irrelevant because it is not mandatory for students. Secondly, most people know who he is so the petition is ridiculous. Third, these are college students who are exposed to all kinds of different viewpoints at Liberty even in the theology classes. Liberty trains its students to think critically. So all in all, much ado about nothing.

    • Eddie April 20, 2012 Reply

      Absolutely right. Much ado about secondary, tertiary issues.

      Driscoll is right on the money on all of the primary issues of Christianity. The best that the naysayers can come up with is that he said a bad word 10 years ago (and repented), and says that men and women have some degree of sexual liberty (within the bounds of a Christian marriage). How absolutely scandelous!

      Was there similar outrage when LU had Glen Beck as it’s commencement address speaker? Last time I checked, the LDS is by definition heretical in its departure from the primary issues of Christianity.

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  • Adam Schwenk April 18, 2012 Reply

    Lol..This is ridiculous. Most of the signers I observed aren’t even students or affiliated with the school, just people who dislike Driscoll. What else is new? Plus, the school is 13k+ on campus, so a few hundred protesters is trivial. I graduated from LU and we had all sorts of speakers from different beliefs…because it’s a university..and it’s called learning. Doesn’t mean you practice everything you hear. After the conference, this will all dissipate.

  • Brittney May 11, 2012 Reply

    Only reason I can see to ban Mark Driscoll is his bad hair. It makes him look like a grown-up Kewpie doll.

  • Teresa Rincon April 11, 2013 Reply

    Anyone with a cursory knowledge of biology understands why engaging in deviant sex acts is to throw all caution to the wind (look up “gay bowel syndrome”).

    Driscoll even admits in his book that pornography is the reason modern couples would contemplate anal sex. Why would God honor that? It forces me to admit that the Catholic Church has a point about the dangers of separating sex from procreation.

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