Top 4 Reasons for Technology in Churches

This infographic from Tyndale University College and Seminary has a lot of great information.  Including, their top 4 reasons for churches to use technology:

1.  To enrich relationships/stay connected with members

2.  To reach the online community

3.  To evolve with the congregation

4.  To bring in new members

Here’s the graphic.  What stands out to you?

For a larger version of this graphic, please go here.


What stood out to you the most?

And what’s the most interesting use of technology that your church has discovered as of late?



  • Josh Henry October 25, 2011 Reply

    Great Info, I’ll link to this for future use.

    I write each Tuesday a technology tip for churches. I have found in most that we meet with the resounding question is not whether or not to use technology, but rather, an overwhelming intimidation on where to get started.

    We’ve been working for several years to get churches up to date with some of the most common and simplest ways to get started.

    1. Website – make it relevant, updated and a reflection of the church. Believe it or not, people will form their perception of your church from your website and MOST are looking for it before they step foot in the door.

    2. Google Apps – Very simple way to host email, share documents, etc. Perfect for small churches looking for ways to collaborate and share information easily among staff and leaders.

    3. Blog, twitter, facebook – Everyone else is there, might as well join them. Facebook provides a way to communicate your message with your church, whenever you want, with relative certainty that they will see the info. Oh yea, its free!

    I’d appreciate a shamless plug for our business, We built our business to help churches by handling the business/technology issues so they can focus on ministry.

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