Three reasons you might want to NOT leave your current church

Should you leave your current church?

Maybe so.  Maybe not.

But Scott Cochrane shares about what you may miss out on if you leave now:  longevity.

Longevity in leadership has it’s perks.  And you won’t ever enjoy those perks if you switch churches every 3-5 years.  Scott writes:

When you stick it out in your leadership role over a long period of time, you benefit by developing:

  • Fortitude

Leadership can knock you around a bit. Staying in the same leadership role for the long haul can “toughen you up” as you survive the hard times.

  • Deep loyalty

Anyone who has remained in a leadership role over many years has learned to develop fierce loyalty to those they lead, and those they lead up to.

  • Time-tested momentum

There’s just something that happens several years into a leader’s time that produces exponential results. And you only realize these results when you stay in your role over time.

My point is not that you should never look for greener pastures. Just be sure to factor in your own development before you jump at that next offer.

Read more from Scott here…

QUESTION:  How long did it take for you to really be the pastor of your church.  I’ve heard that it happens somewhere between the 5-7 year mark.  Do you agree?


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