The Three Minute Dare

I dare you to watch this three minute video. Give it your full attention. Then we’ll discuss. Well… how hard was it? While this video may be kind of a parody of our current culture, there is much truth in it. And how we communicate as leaders. It is VERY hard for many to concentrate on anything for very long. For me, it’s not so much hard to concentrate.  I can do that.  I have trouble unplugging and relaxing. For those of us in the church, we do have to be sensitive to how people communicate today. While many people are communicating best in snippits (i.e. 140 characters or a single picture); we are asking people to give us their undivided attention for an hour and fifteen minutes on Sunday mornings. For many people, it’s hard. In the day and age of short; we still preach, uninterrupted for 30, 40, even 50 minutes, trying to pop the word ‘gospel’ in there as many times as possible. And that’s all good. But understand, it’s a stretch for many people. People with phones buzzing in their pockets. It’s killing them.  You’re killing them. What am I suggesting? I have no idea. But here are a couple of things, just off the top of my head: 1.  Why not try this week to tweet your sermon.  Take this week’s message, however long it is, and find 20-30 tweetable moments.  Wake-up call:  if you can’t find 20-30 tweetable moments in your sermon… well… that’s not a good omen. 2.  Take 30 minutes and record 3-5 short youtube videos to engage your Sunday attenders throughout the week. Just a webcam and 30 minutes required.  Post them to youtube; and add them to facebook and twitter. Look.  I’m not suggesting you compromise the gospel. I’m not even suggesting that you cut the time of your sermon back by 20% (although I hear a roaring crowd from the congregation on that one)  🙂  I’m just asking you to consider how your people are communicating and consuming; and try to fit your message into that mold so that you can have a greater impact on their lives. After all… isn’t that why you got into this job? Todd