Three huge mistakes you could make today in ministry..

Eric Geiger recently wrote a piece that I think you should take a look at.  He offers up the top three mistakes he says pastors and church leaders make.

Make sure you’re not guilty of any of these three today…

1) Not offering clarity.

You have to be clear. And in order to be clear, you need to be a repeater.  Repeatedly tell people where you’re headed and what you’re thinking.  Don’t let any of your staff or leadership team have to guess where your head is at.

2) Underestimating the power of culture.

You have to understand your church’s culture BEFORE you introduce any strategy.  Geiger says that culture will win every time.  First, figure out the culture… then introduce your strategy.

3) Switching strategies too quickly.

If you have already done #2 (understood your culture and introduced your strategy)… give it some time to work.  Geiger says many leaders change their strategy too often.  Strategies often take a little time to gain momentum and work.  Many leaders, by changing their strategy too often, never allow anything to take root and show results.

How are YOU doing?

Do you need to adjust for any of these three as you lead today?


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