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There’s an App for Church Hunters

FaithStreet is an app that will help people find a good church fit.  At least that’s the hope of it’s founder Sean Coughlin.

Churches fill out an online profile with key info on their church.  App users can then find churches that interest them.

The app is funded by online giving (with FaithStreet taking a cut of any giving that comes as a result of people using the app).

It’s kind of like a Yelp app, only for church hunters.

But there’s one difference:  There are no customer reviews. Coughlin says: ”We reject the idea of reviewing churches…A church is much more like a family than it is a restaurant or a mechanic. That means you’ll never be crowned mayor of your church based on how many times you check in. But you’ll also never read a scathing review of the community you love.”

Thoughts?  Great idea?


One Response to “ “There’s an App for Church Hunters”

  1. James C. Gear says:

    Great idea! And I also like the idea of no “customer reviews”, for Coughlin’s rreason and for one other. Churches are very personal and “subjective”, so while general characteristics can be used as “filters” to narrow down the choices, It will always require an individual “personal” look for one to identify the church that is right for them.

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