The Top 50 Stories You Should Know About this Week…

We have some great stories and resources in Ministry Briefing this week to help you learn and get up-to-speed, save time, and lead better.

Inquiring minds want to know:

  • What generation is saving the most in America?
  • What size cities are families being most attracted to?
  • What would Jesus do about the Refugee crisis?
  • Do pretty girls really get better grades?
  • What will Wheaton College do with a professor embroiled in controversy?
  • What ministry is cutting 50 employees because of tough times?
  • What is one new program doing to try to rehabilitate sexual predators?
  • What will happen to the United Methodist pastor that ‘came out’ in her latest sermon?
  • Why was a major denomination suspended from their larger group of churches?
  • Why doesn’t Franklin Graham like ‘cool’ pastors?
  • What are the latest ways parents are monitoring their kid’s social media?
  • What are the top 5 reasons pastors are quitting ministry before retirement?
  • How fast can you build trust as a leader?
  • What are the 50 hardest places to be a Christian?

This week’s Ministry Briefing has 50 stories like these that we think will help you save time and lead better.  Try this week’s edition (and the next three issues) for just $1. I think you’ll find it helpful to your ministry and leadership this week!

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Have a great week!





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