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The REST of the story: How a church and pastor get it RIGHT after a robbery.

I love telling stories of churches that get it right.

This is one such story.

This story made the from page of the New York Post.

What you’ll hear is… as Paul Harvey would say… the REST of the story…

You HAVE to watch this story of unexpected redemption and acceptance; and an example of how a church and pastor get it right.

What would you do if your church were broken into?

Pastor Mike Jankowski of Lamb’s Chapel in Center Moriches, New York asked his congregation to bring the culprit back to their church:

When that happened six weeks ago, the next Sunday, I got up in front of the congregation in both of our services and I just said, ‘listen, whoever did this obviously is in a bad place. Let’s pray that God would bring this person back in some way, so we can help them and minister to them and maybe they would come to know the Lord. And so our whole congregation prayed and that was it.

That’s when things began to get exciting.

Six weeks later, while in the middle of a fast, Jankowski walked into the church, and found Brian Cook tearing through the church office. What happened next became front page news as Mike wrestled Brian to the ground and held him until the police arrived. This morning we get to steal a page out of Paul Harvey’s playbook by telling you the rest of the story, and sharing an interview that we did with Pastor Mike Jankowski. Over the course of fifteen minutes, Mike tells us about the morning he met Brian Cook, his wife’s reaction to his adventure, and what has happened in Brian’s life since the break-in.

This is a pretty cool story of God using a rough situation for the good of one of His children.

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  1. Way to go, Pastor Mike! Thanks for sharing the story Todd & Matt.

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