The Pulse of What America Is Thinking

A couple days ago, I mentioned that 46% of Americans felt that Facebook is a fad. I love statistics, even if I think 37% of them are made up. But I thought that you might enjoy some other recent statistics.  See if you line up with the American public: 58% of Americans think the economy will be fine by this time next year?  (I doubt it… although I think it may be more stable after the election… it usually is). 22% of Americans are positive the end of the world will occur in their lifetime.  (My Baptist upbringing tells me that I should expect Jesus’ return at any moment… and I do.  I remember that question being asked in a church I attended years ago, and the consensus was that Jesus wouldn’t come back for another 50+ years.  That thought was foreign to me.  Hell is hot and time is short.  I hope in many ways it ends soon, but I’m also loving life and family). 16.6% of American think President Obama is a Muslim.  (I’m not quite sure what the President is and isn’t, but I doubt he’s Muslim.) 32% of Americans think scientists are unsure if global warming is real.  (I think it’s funny that you don’t hear much about evil global warming any more.  Like Facebook, I think it was more fad). 28% of Americans think gay marriage should be illegal.  (I don’t really have a dog in that fight.  I’m married to a woman and plan to keep it that way.  I do think that it’s just a matter of time before the acceptance of gay marriage is the norm.) 21% of Americans think that the internet should be regulated by the FCC.  (I’m guessing that these are the same people that believe the president is Muslim). So… what do you think on these issues?  Are you in line with the American public? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Todd