The longer you talk… the less you lead.

Wow… I like pieces that challenge me.

Chew on this for a minute:

“Verbosity isn’t leadership.  The longer you talk the less you lead.”

Dan Rockwell says:

Sadly, people with power usually talk longer than those without. Even worse, we determine whose powerful by the frequency and duration others open their mouths. We have it backwards.

“I go to meetings, but I’m not allowed to speak.” (Spoken by a mid-level.) Leaders who do all the talking are power hungry fools. I’m hesitant to soften the blow of that last sentence, but, if it helps, I’m a talker.

“Talkers are controllers. The longer you talk the more you’re trying to control.”

Concerned?  Dan gives seven great four letter words for leaders to help right here.

So… next time you find yourself dominating the conversation.  Stop.  Give someone else the opportunity to talk.

Then just listen.


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