The Hardest Thing for a Church to Say (That’s Why Most Never Say It)

“You’re right, we were wrong”

I’m trying to remember the last time I EVER heard a church say something to this effect.

That’s probably because most churches only operate out of what is safe… thus there’s very little chance of being wrong.

Read these words from Seth Godin over a couple of times, and let them sink in…

When someone in your organization says, “You’re right, we were wrong,” they’re not saying that you’re always wrong, or that you were completely wrong, or even that, in a court of law with a sympathetic jury, you would lose. It certainly doesn’t mean you didn’t try.

No, all you’re saying is that you made a promise or set an expectation and then failed to live up to it.

Owning that and saying it out loud does two things: it respects the customer and it allows you to make more promises in the future.

If it helps, you can remind yourself that this is investment in your ability to make a promise tomorrow.

How can/should this apply to churches?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments in the comment section below…



HT:  Seth Godin

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  • sage March 2, 2015 Reply

    Our church elders issued a formal apology to the entire congregation for mis-handling a number of issues and failing to communicate appropriately a few months back. Some of the leaders/Elders who had previously stepped down were so offended by it that it actually caused a church split. :-

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