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Take a deep breath…

So… the Supreme Court just legalized gay marriage.

Don’t freak out. It really shouldn’t be a surprise if you’ve been watching the news (or living in culture) that this was going to happen at some point.

Here are my initial thoughts.  They are fluid at the moment, and I’m sure they’ll gain a little clarity over the next few days, months, and years.  🙂

Here’s my three point sermon:

1.  Don’t Over-React.

There will be those (in fact I’m surprised they haven’t surfaced already) that will vow to speak for all Christians on this subject.  (Moments like this give Franklin Graham job security). And the media will find fringe folks as well that will talk all about God’s impending wrath, the demise of American civilization, and the wickedness of both the court and the homosexual.  Some will take to the pulpit on Sunday to rail against this decision.  In fact, there will be many that will try to ‘fire up’ the Christian base on this issue.  Guess what?  Time for firing up the base was long before today.  Don’t over-react.  Let it sit for a little while.  Let calmer heads rule here.  (More on this in my third point).

2.  Don’t Under-React.

There will be those that will actually just ignore the ruling.  You can’t do that either.  Today’s ruling will have some MAJOR impact on ministry as we know it; and time will tell exactly what those will be.  So while we shouldn’t over-react, neither should we under-react. Be aware.  You’ll have to constantly assess that this will mean for you in your own ministry; in your own state; and in your own city. The way you communicate will need to change; but not the truth you communicate.  Therein lies the tension. This issue has the biggest potential to alienate the church (read that: YOUR church) from your community.

3.  In many ways, this changes nothing.

Our mission as a church is to evangelize and disciple.  We are called to share the gospel with all people… straight and gay. While this ruling may complicate an already complicated ministry landscape, in most ways; nothing changes.  If we allow this to divert us from our main mission, everyone loses.

So… take a deep breath.

This is not a surprise to God. So we shouldn’t freak out either.

If you still feel the need to freak out, check out these headlines from the past three days: Here,or here.




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