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This is alarming. The pastor is shocked.  This is out of character for the youth pastor.  The pastor has worked for the church for 20 years, and thus far, the church is standing behind him. Very disturbing.  Maybe there’s part of the story missing here. What does the church mean they are ‘standing behind him’? When things like this happen in churches, I think this needs to happen: 1.  Immediate dismissal, especially if (as in this story), the person admits to the offense 2.  Effective communication with the church family.  Essentially:  we didn’t know about this; and when we did find out, we acted immediately to insure that this will not happen again. 3.  Restoration process begins.  If the staff member is open, the church must work to get this person help, counseling, etc. But at first report… this is not what is happening here. I would not let my 16 year old daughter within a mile of this church. Would you? More here. Todd