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Like many of you, I was up late last night (actually, early this morning) watching the election returns. There is no doubt that the country is split, politically, right down the middle.  Literally. And many this morning reading this blog are very disappointed with the results. So… now what? Here is some great advice from Phil Cooke:
If you’re an artist, filmmaker, pastor, writer, teacher, business person, leader – whatever, keep moving forward. Create. Spark visions. Inspire people. Speak the truth. The influence of culture is far more significant and life-changing than whoever sits in the White House.
I think that’s great advice. (You can read more of Phil’s thoughts here). My advice to you today… don’t skip a beat.  If anything, work harder. Despite what many of the pundits are saying… nothing is a surprise to God.  Keep pastoring.  Keep leading.  Keep moving forward. Today is the day that the Lord has made… let’s all rejoice and be glad in it… whatever your elation or disappointment in last night’s results. Carry on. Todd