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Westboro Baptist Church just protests another funeral or event and makes national headlines.  Whether you like it or not… every time someone from Westboro Baptist Church goes out and does a protest with signs that read “God Hates Fags”, many people group them in with you and I as Christians. And every time someone speaks to the media as a Christian, some people look and you and me and automatically assume that we think the same exact thing. It could be on any issue: homosexuality, gun control… really any thing. Let’s face it… the likes of Westboro Baptist are really our crazy uncle… you know, the one you’re always apologizing for… the one that says things you don’t agree with… the one that’s a jerk… the one that embarasses the life right out of you. Matt Steen and I talk about this phenomenia… and how we should deal with our own ‘crazy uncles’. Westboro Baptist Church

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