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Current Events
Maybe we should do this more in the US… you know… pie the people that we disagree with. The leader of the Roman Catholic Church in Belgium has been repeatedly targeted by pie-throwing activists angry over comments he made about gay people. Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard reportedly claimed AIDS was an “intrinsic justice” for homosexuals. Here’s the video: More on the story, and the reasons for the pies, here… When was the last time you wanted to pie someone?

Current Events
OK… I know this is sensationalistic… but here’s the headline in Australia’s Herald Sun newspaper:  The star of an erectile dysfunction commercial has been kicked out of her church until the ad comes off air. The story revolves around Libby Ashby.  She told the newspaper that she has been ‘disfellowshipped from her local church after appearing in an ad for an erectile dysfunction ad:  “They have said I would not be reinstated until the ad comes of the air.” Here’s the ad in question: Umm… let’s just say the ads on Australian TV make ours look pretty lame.

Here’s more from the newspaper:

Ms Ashby, a single mother, said she knew when she was filming the ad that it was in poor taste.

But she said she had taken the job because of the money. “My VISA was calling out for mercy,” she said. “It was against my better judgement to it. I don’t like to offend people.” Ms Ashby, who didn’t say which Christian church she attended, said the bible spoke clearly about sex. “The bible speaks very openly about sex in an honourable way, but I don’t think the ad is honourable. “It offends a lot of people,” she said. So… the ‘actress’ is clearly guilty about her part in the commercial.  “Ashamed” might be a better word. But should the church ‘disfellowship’ her? Who would have thought that a church would have to deal with something like this? But get ready… the church is going to have to deal with A LOT of things like this as we move forward.  The question is… HOW? OK… here’s the question.  Let’s say that this lady went to your church?  How would/should your church respond? Todd Source from Group Sects