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Check out this quote from Walt Wilson from 2000 about the internet and it’s relationship to the church: “It is not about technology; it is about the Great Commission. This is the first thing we have to understand. We tend to think of the church in terms of being very local and geographic in nature. But in terms of outreach and ministry, we are now thrust into a borderless, timeless world. If you think that all of this comes out of Silicon Valley, you’re on the wrong track. This is not about man’s inventions or his creative schemes. These developments are about something much bigger and far more dramatic. In fact, these events are not about technology at all. Change this big is being orchestrated by God, not by us.” Some great things in this quote from just 13 years ago: 1.  I know longer think of most churches as being purely local and geographically specific.  In fact, I can find the footprint of literally thousands of churches on the internet… read about their programs… watch services.  Imaging that happening when this quote was written back in 2000. 2.  I’ve never really thought about this… the internet being orchestrated by God… that’s a pretty awesome thought.  In fact… I need to stew on that for a little bit. Truth is… the internet is not a surprise to God. Nor is he surprised as to how man has decided to use it. Makes you think… what is God orchestrating now in technology that will have great implications for the church? Thoughts?
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