Siri Doesn’t Meet Apple’s 1987 Predictions…

Siri Doesn’t Meet Apple’s 1987 Predictions…

In fact, this 1987 video from Apple makes Siri look pretty lame.

Actually, we can do most of the things shown on this video, just not quite this seamlessly yet; and the non-human implementation is not nearly this great.

What are your thoughts?


The Pulse of What America Is Thinking

The Pulse of What America Is Thinking

A couple days ago, I mentioned that 46% of Americans felt that Facebook is a fad.

I love statistics, even if I think 37% of them are made up.

But I thought that you might enjoy some other recent statistics.  See if you line up with the American public:

58% of Americans think the economy will be fine by this time next year?  (I doubt it… although I think it may be more stable after the election… it usually is).

22% of Americans are positive the end of the world will occur in their lifetime.  (My Baptist upbringing tells me that I should expect Jesus’ return at any moment… and I do.  I remember that question being asked in a church I attended years ago, and the consensus was that Jesus wouldn’t come back for another 50+ years.  That thought was foreign to me.  Hell is hot and time is short.  I hope in many ways it ends soon, but I’m also loving life and family).

16.6% of American think President Obama is a Muslim.  (I’m not quite sure what the President is and isn’t, but I doubt he’s Muslim.)

32% of Americans think scientists are unsure if global warming is real.  (I think it’s funny that you don’t hear much about evil global warming any more.  Like Facebook, I think it was more fad).

28% of Americans think gay marriage should be illegal.  (I don’t really have a dog in that fight.  I’m married to a woman and plan to keep it that way.  I do think that it’s just a matter of time before the acceptance of gay marriage is the norm.)

21% of Americans think that the internet should be regulated by the FCC.  (I’m guessing that these are the same people that believe the president is Muslim).

So… what do you think on these issues?  Are you in line with the American public?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Facebook: Your Life is Better than Mine

Facebook:  Your Life is Better than Mine

According to a new study conducted by sociologists Hui-Tzu Grace Chou and Nicholas Edge at Utah Valley University, research showed a correlation between a Facebook user’s disposition about their life and the amount of time spent on the social network. Approximately 425 students were asked to identify how much they agreed or disagreed with statements like “Life is fair” and “Many of my friends have a better life than me.” In addition, the students were asked about how much time they spent on Facebook, their number of Facebook friends as well as how many of those friends they had actually met in person. The researchers also attempted controlling for factors like relationship status, gender, religious beliefs and race.

Seeing a pattern emerge, the two sociologists discovered that as people spend more time on Facebook, they start to believe that others have a better life than they do. Within the paper, Chou and Edge stated “Those who have used Facebook longer agreed more that others were happier, and agreed less that life is fair, and those spending more time on Facebook each week agreed more that others were happier and had better lives. Furthermore, those that included more people whom they did not personally know as their Facebook “friends” agreed more that others had better lives.”

Read more here… (HT:


Church of England Weekly Attendance Down 2% Last Year

Church of England Weekly Attendance Down 2% Last Year

… to 923,700.

Marriages were up 4%.

Interesting supplemental information though, from this article from Christian Today:

Despite the drop in attendance at Church services, there is positive news in the growth of fresh expressions of church.

The figures show that there are at least 1,000 fresh expressions and new forms of church linked to the Church of England. There are an estimated 1,000 fresh expressions within the Methodist Church.

It is the first time that fresh expressions have been included in the Church of England’s annual report on attendance.

Bishop Graham Cray, Archbishops’ Missioner and leader of the Fresh Expressions team, welcomed the rapid growth but cautioned that more needs to be done to reverse declining church attendance in Britain.

He said: “It’s inspiring to think how much has happened in so short a time. Since the 2004 Mission-shaped Church report, we have seen the development of some 2,000 fresh expressions of church in the Church of England and Methodist Church.

“The Holy Spirit has been at work in reaching thousands of people through these fresh expressions and we are all running to keep up. This is hugely encouraging and is a major contribution to the re-evangelisation of our land.

“However it is just a beginning, this is not a quick fix and there is much more to do. Fresh expressions of church are one vital factor, but there is a long haul ahead of us.”


5 Scary Trends – Worship Worship

5 Scary Trends – Worship Worship

My friend Geoff Surratt is continuing his 5 Scary Trends series… Scary trend #3 is “Worship Worship”.  Geoff writes:

I love corporate worship. One of my favorite aspects of working in multisite churches has been visiting multiple worship experiences every weekend. I have participated in as many as six different services in a single weekend, and I love seeing people connect with God through the leadership of a gifted team of singers, musicians and technicians.

The scary trend, however, is the growing worship of the art of worship. The worship leader/pastor/director/producer has become a rock star. The need for ever-improving technology (“2K Projectors? Yes!!!”) dominates the church budget. The demand for professional musicianship squeezes out the possibility of homegrown talent. On Monday mornings we talk more about the sound quality, the experience, the arrangement than about the jaw dropping recognition of the awesome power of an omniscient God. We are in danger of worshipping the creation more than the creator.

What are we trying to accomplish through musical worship at our weekend services? Is the goal to compete with secular concerts or the mega-church down the street? (Do we really think we can compete with U2? Seriously?) Is excellence the goal regardless the price? Is holding the attention of the occasional attender the aim? Or are we truly focused on worshipping in spirit and in truth?

You can read more here.

And be sure to check out #5 “Multisite Mania” and #4 “Reformed Revolution“.


Barna: What people experience in churches

Barna:  What people experience in churches

Barna has a new survey out.  Most Americans have first-hand experiences in churches or parishes. What happens, if anything, in the hearts and minds of those who attend?

Here are some of the findings:

(66%) feel they have had “a real and personal connection” with God while attending church.

(26%) who had been to a church before said that their life had been changed or affected “greatly” by attending church.

Nearly half said their life had not changed at all as a result of churchgoing (46%).

(61%) said they could not remember a significant or important new insight or understanding related to faith.

(23%) of those with church experience selected the description that church feels “like a group sharing the same space in a public event but who were not connected in a real way.”

40% of adults with church experience said caring for the poor was emphasized “a lot,” while 33% indicated it was “somewhat” of a priority.

OK… what surprises you in this new data?  Anything?


5 Scary Trends: The Reformed Revolution

5 Scary Trends:  The Reformed Revolution

My friend and fellow church world agitator Geoff Surratt has a really great series he’s doing at his blog this week called “Five Scary Trends that could Shipwreck the Church”.

He started the series yesterday with his first scary trend:  Multisite.  Today’s scary trend:  The Reformed Revolution!  Geoff says:

I never thought that theology could be trendy, but now if you are young and cool you are Reformed. Since I am neither young nor cool I may miss this wave. My problem with the Reformeds, however, is not theology (I’m too much of a light-weight to argue there), but with attitude. I’ll call it PLA (Pharisee-ic Legalistic Arrogance)

Those is fightin’ words, Geoff!

Two main problems with some of the new reformed:

1.  Arrogance

2.  Legalism

You HAVE to read his comments here, then post a comment of your own!

So… what do YOU think of the new reformed revolution?

5 Scary Trends: Multisite Churches

5 Scary Trends:  Multisite Churches

My friend and fellow church world agitator Geoff Surratt has a really great series he’s doing at his blog this week called “Five Scary Trends that could Shipwreck the Church”.

He started the series yesterday with his first scary trend:  Multisite.  Funny… from one of the guys that wrote The Multisite Church Revolution.

Geoff writes:  “Multisite is a great tool for some churches to fulfill their God-given mission. It is not, however, the right direction for many or even most churches. Multisite can be a drain on leadership and budgets, it can feed an already overfed pastor ego (more about that on Friday) and it can be very difficult to undo.”

For example… what do you do when you have three video campuses within blocks of each other… each from a different church… each singing the same songs?

Check out Geoff’s thoughts here… then leave a comment.

Later today, I’ll share Geoff’s scary trend #4:  The Reformed Revolution

Teens would rather talk than text

Teens would rather talk than text

News flash:  Teens would rather talk face to face than text.

That’s the news in this new report… interesting stuff!

Top Tech Trends of 2011

Top Tech Trends of 2011

Group buying, tablets, cloud based apps, geolocation… just some of the top tech trends of 2011.  Take a look:


What do you think the big tech trends for 2012 will be?  Any guesses?



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