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One of my biggest frustrations many times with the church is that the church (as an institution) moves WAY too slowly for me. Hiring. Firing. Providing accountability. Starting programs. Killing programs. Moving forward. It’s all usually way too slow for me. OK… I tend to be a bit of a bull in a china store.  And I know that’s a problem. But I meet many leaders that are just frustrated because of how slow the church works.  It’s hard to see that your getting any traction.  It’s hard to see that any progress is being made. Chances are… you ARE moving the ball down the field… but it’s in one yard gains rather than touchdown passes. Which is why it’s so important to keep track of the wins.  You need to know the score. If you’re any kind of motivated leader, you have to be seeing steady progress. Teresa Amabile is a professor at Harvard Business School.  She has some advice for you today, especially if you’re feeling like you’re at a dead end or not making any progress at all in your ministry: Thoughts? Todd