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Jennifer LeClaire shares ten stupid things pastors should never do.  Here are the first five: 1. Abuse the sheep. Always remember that church staff—and church volunteers—are serving God, not you. Spiritual abuse is a dirty little secret in the charismatic church that is seldom exposed because it would topple small and large man-made empires alike. If you aren’t willing to be the servant of all—if you think the sheep are there to serve you—please hang up your ministry aspirations before you hurt someone. We don’t need more spiritual abusers in the pulpit. 2. Water down the gospel. If you aren’t going to preach the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth—so help you God!—please don’t preach. Although there are many effective preaching styles, if you aren’t bold enough to preach the whole gospel—even the parts people don’t want to hear—then pray for boldness until you are. keep reading

John Cleese from Monte Python fame gives a quick but humorous look at stupidity. Have you ever wondered if people think are as stupid as you think other people are? (wow, that was deep). A stupid person would think thoughts that deep, would they? keep reading

Here’s a new feature at the blog… I proudly (well, not so proudly) present my stupid church idea of the week. DISCLAIMER:  As you’ll see by the comments… some took this idea a little TOO seriously.  It was not meant to be… actually, that’s why it’s named the STUPID church idea of the week.  For those that thought I was mocking… please don’t misinterpret my light-hearted and sometimes self-admitted snarkiness as ridicule.  Seriously folks.  And also, don’t take this as a theological fight.  Wasn’t meant as such.  (You’re on the wrong blog, btw).  The point I was TRYING to make (and doing so in an obviously lousy fashion) is that new technologies cause us to re-think everything.  THAT is a discussion that is worthy to be having this days.  OK… my rant of a disclaimer is done.  🙂 This idea is REALLY stupid… but on a serious side, causes me to think about what kinds of ministry are possible or are out of bounds using technology.  We’ve already had discussions the past couple of years about using the internet for different types of things that we normally do in person at the church… things like discipleship, communion and baptism.  I wonder if anyone is already doing my stupid idea of the week, and I just don’t know about it.  🙂 Anyway… for what it’s worth… he it is.  I’d love to hear your comments (if you’re brave enough to respond!) Todd